A pre-planned funeral service is one of the latest trends which are being observed in multiple countries. More number of people are planning their own funeral service so that the pressure or the burden on the loved ones is reduced. There are various benefits associated with the process of pre-planning funeral services. One becomes mentally peaceful knowing that all the arrangements after death have been made. The responsibilities of the family members are reduced, and the burden of the expense is already taken care of by the prepaid funerals.

Here are the things you need to take care of when planning your funeral service:

  • Choosing the method of disposition.

You may choose from the following options: Burial, cremation, hydrolysis or others. There are various types of burial methods including the green burial.

  • Flowers and other materials.

Funeral Flowers are an essential part of any funeral ceremony. You might be wanting to choose a particular variety of flower which you like to be dominantly used at your funeral service.

  • Will writing.

All your wealth, property and belongings have to have a proper destination after you pass away. Therefore it is your responsibility to revise all your wills or make wills if you do not already have one. You need to decide how your wealth will be used in your absence.

Butterfly Funerals Ltd is one of the most professional funeral services that provide pre-planned or pre-paid funeral services. We truly realise how much sad a funeral must be for the family members. We sensitively handle various funeral operations and always remain beside the family at the time of their grief.

Death is an inevitable occurrence in our lives. No matter how prepared you are, the very thought of losing your life or the lives of your loved ones will always make you shudder. Once you or your loved one has passed it is one of the toughest times of your life. While the bereavement brings irreparable grief, it is also the unfortunate time to plan their funeral.

Funerals are a topic that we just tend to avoid and planning for it in advance can seem daunting and uncomfortable. However, advanced funeral plans are one of the best gifts that you can give to your family members. They can be relieved of the hassle of the funeral proceedings in what is a terrible time. It is the last thing you want to think about but they are also very beneficial financially too.

Prepaid Funerals, a modern concept, is just what it sounds like – a set of funeral arrangements, as detailed as you desire, that have been paid for beforehand. Either the entire funeral has been paid off, or money has been set aside to help towards the funeral.

While designating a joint bank account, setting up a payable on death bank account, using an existing life insurance policy or even an insurance policy set up through a funeral director, are all options when it comes to prepaid funeral.

Butterfly Funerals Ltd allows you to deposit your payment through a secured payment. The upside of this arrangement is that irrespective of the economic climate, the funeral is still carried out as per what you have decided. However it is absolutely imperative that no matter what plans you have agreed upon, you need to communicate that to your family members. This is because sometimes the details are either mentioned in the deceased’s will or kept in a safe deposit box and more often than not, grieving family members will not bother to check the will or the deposit box before the final rites are completed.

If the thought of revisiting your existing will or preparing a fresh one for the first time has ever crossed your mind, no time is a better time than the present. An average person will always try and delay the process of preparing a will. What you must consider, is, a will is actually an execution of your last wishes that needs to be abided by law.

One generally relies on family and friends to appoint the best legal practitioner to get the job done. But if you want a professional to take care of the will writing for you and you live in the Bedfordshire area, Butterfly Funerals can be a brilliant option as they are committed to making the most difficult times in life, simple and hassle free as possible.

Visit their website www.butterflyfuneralsltd.co.uk and explore the vast array of services that they have to offer during the most difficult moments of your life. With the able leadership of Teresa and Peter, Butterfly Funerals have been in the business for the last 30 years. What sets them apart from the rest, is their eye for detail and perfection with the right mix of compassion and empathy.

If you need any help with your funeral, contact Butterfly Funerals Ltd via phone – 01582 968130 or email them on – teresa@butterflyfuneralsltd.co.uk

Loss of a close one is always a difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved. Not long after the dust has settled down on the death of a loved one, you then have to go through even more pain and trauma when the time comes to organise a funeral.

Knowing how to organise funeral services such as cremation (burial), location, memorial services and who is coming is a difficult process. Then there are the small arrangements such as arranging the headstone, making floral arrangements and bidding a tribute to that special person. After you have just lost the love of your life or mam/dad etc, it can become too much to take in. So, in this dilemma, the Funeral Directors in Dunstable can be your compassionate friend to give you a hassle-free funeral service.

Introducing Butterfly funerals, the experienced funeral and cremation service provider. Their dedicated services help make the funeral process run smooth as possible. After all, the only thing you need in a time like this is helpful compassionate people to help ease your suffering.

Some of the amazing Funeral Services include-

  • Arranging the appropriate florist to make the floral tributes flawless
  • Experienced Funeral Directors let you get your head around things and let you mourn your loved ones while they make all of the arrangements for you.
  • Their expert Headstone Services are second to none. With all of their contacts they can help you choose the right headstone in order to create a lasting tribute in honour of that special person
  • They are able to provide Pre Paid Funerals for those who do not want put financial burden upon their families once they pass away
  • A friendly and empathetic service to ease your pain and help you soften the blow to get back to the next stage of life
  • Memorial services that include churchyard stones, lawn stones, individually designed memorials, kerb sets, granite vases, cremation tablets and so on
  • Innovative floral tribute specific to your needs
  • Offering a unique solution for will writing or reviewing

So if you want Pre Paid Funerals or a tragedy has struck and you need help with some funeral arrangements, don’t hesitate to contact Butterfly Funerals Ltd, they are there to help you in your time of need.

Funeral Services

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Butterfly Funerals we make your funeral arrangements as simple as possible, making all of the arrangements on your behalf.

Pre Paid Funerals

Funeral Directors Luton

At Butterfly Funerals, we provide pre-paid funeral services to help ease the stress and pain of your loved ones for when you pass.

Headstone Services

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Butterfly Funerals work closely with a local headstone provider to help create a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Funeral Flowers

We believe in making things easy at hard times which is why we have a dedicated floral service for you and other who wish to pay tribute.